Seth Olson

Seth’s fixation with videogames, digital paintings, photography, and 3D animated movies ignited his creative spirit to bring pixels to life. Uploading drawings to GeoCities, playing with Bryce 3D making robots from cylinders and spheres, and taking photographs on 35mm until he got a digital 3 megapixel one Christmas, Seth’s craft flourished with this succession of experimentation and imagination.

Seth began his career at Reel FX as a motion graphics artist, contributing to projects for Ford, Microsoft, Sony, Disney and more. In 2010, he served as art director at the non-profit research Center for BrainHealth. Olson was part of a team designing and developing video games that help Autistic children negotiate complicated social situations and experiences. Additionally, he oversaw art direction for The Brain Table, a touch screen surface that allows group games intended to improve critical thinking skills.

This mastermind joined Lucky Post as motion graphics artist in 2012. Since his tenure, he has collaborated on projects for brands Chrysler, Snapple, Southwest Airlines, and MetroPCS among local and national brands. Olson’s first animated short Shine, a story about solar-powered robots stranded on a lightless planet struggling to survive, earned animation honors at the Best Shorts Competition. Olson was a member of the VFX team on the critically-acclaimed feature film A Ghost Story.