Elizabeth V. Moore

Everything Elizabeth V. Moore has ever enjoyed inevitably lead to a career in editing: solving puzzles, visual art, and music. The powerful momentum in pairing sound with image are anchored in childhood piano lessons which imparted an understanding of rhythm and emotion.

Elizabeth has honed her talent editing music videos, television promos, short films, and commercials for brands including AT&T, Charles Schwab, Crate&Barrel, Jeep, and Wolf. Her breakout piece “Tumbleweeds,” a music video for musician Jesse Woods, is a poetic journey through a man’s haunted imagination, chasing angles he hopes will give him the courage to forget his lost love and the ghosts of rolling tumbleweeds. 

In 2016, Elizabeth edited the Costa Del Mar sponsored SLAM film about the coveted Grand Slam — the pinnacle of the saltwater fly-fishing world. Very few men have achieved it, and most consider it to be beyond the reach of female anglers. But three lady anglers from very different backgrounds converge on the Florida Keys in an attempt to capture the "Slam" and prove them wrong.